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A Handmade Holiday

By Aurelia Good

One of my favorite ways to share our Christmas photos with family and friends is through personalized gifts. Thanks to Portrait Innovations, I always leave the studio with my prints the day of our photo session, which gives me plenty of time to decide what to make with them!

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Tags: DIY, Crafts, Gift Ideas, Holiday Portraits,

Use Your Photos to Make a Personalized Gratitude Jar

By Katie Markey McLaughlin

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, it’s the season for acknowledging all the good in our lives.

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Tags: DIY, Crafts,

Great Tips to Get Your Pictures Displayed

By Aurelia Good

You did it - you went with your family to have pictures taken and you came home with that awesome envelope holding your sweet new photos all printed and ready to decorate your walls - and weeks later you realize that you never got around to hanging the new photos! With four kids, this is what used to happen to me. I had great intentions after every single photo shoot, but I never actually got them UP on my walls.

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Tags: Gallery Wall, DIY, Crafts,

The Perfect Gift for Grandparents

By Melissa Ann

I love this “Grandkids Make Life Grand” photo display and think is the perfect gift! It’s simple to make, and will conveniently hang on the wall of your Grandparents home while proudly displaying your cutest family photos.

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Tags: DIY, Grandparents, Crafts,

Capturing Summer Memories

By Megan Galko

Summer might be coming to an end but there is still time to get great beach photos done this year, whether you made it to the beach or not.

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Tags: Crafts, DIY, Summer, Children Portraits, Beach,

DIY Photo Flower Pot

By Guest Blogger

Spring is one of my favorite times for portraits because of the beautiful pastel colors! When I saw the lovely backgrounds on the Portrait Innovations Online Galleries, I knew that these backgrounds would work great with my photo flower pot project!

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Tags: DIY, Flowers, Crafts,

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